Egypt is the African nation with the most land-based casinos. Thus, it is evident that the wagering industry has a significant presence in Egypt. What about online casinos, though?  Regarding casino websites, players have access to some of the finest options.

This guide will provide in-depth coverage of all pertinent information. We will focus on the law, game options, licensing, and security information, among other topics. After reading this article, you should have a greater understanding of what to look for in an Egyptian online casino.

Gambling’s Past in Egypt


The history of wagering in ancient Egypt dates back to antiquity. Archaeologists have discovered dice with four and six sides dating back to 3000 B.C. Following ancient customs, gambling is lawful in Egypt today. The country with the highest number of land-based casinos in Africa has a lengthy history of gambling, albeit with different laws and regulations. Gambling is still popular in the country, which has the most land-based casinos in Africa.


Egypt Gambling Law

The majority of gamblers in an Egyptian casino are visitors. The law from bill NR 1/1973 grants the Ministry of Tourism control over all wagering activities. The Ministry only grants licenses to five- and four-star hotels in the area, and only foreign participants are permitted to enter the casinos.


According to the law, local participants are prohibited from engaging in gambling. Aside from this, the vast majority of Egyptian casinos accept US dollars. Some casinos accept Euros too. There, players cannot use Egyptian pounds.


In online casinos, however, everything is fair game. Egypt does not have any online casinos because the industry is unregulated. However, no law prohibits access to online casinos. Therefore, online gambling sites are the best option for local participants.


Casinos on Land in Egypt

Since only the finest hotels are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, the majority of casinos are tourist destinations. The legal gambling age in all casinos is 21, with the exception of Sharm el Shaikh, where participants over the age of 18 are permitted.


Egypt is home to more than twenty land-based casinos. The majority of these casino clusters are located in Cairo, the metropolis of Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh, Alexandria, and Taba all have some. A cruise ship that travels along the Nile River also features a casino.


Egypt’s Future with Online Gambling

There is no doubt that, with a population of over 100 million, the country will shortly embrace online gambling. Globally, online casinos and wagering sites are already immensely popular.


Despite the fact that local players can still access online wagering sites without difficulty, there are no online casinos in the region. However, who knows, perhaps in a few years Egyptians will have their own online casino. However, it is too early to tell, as it depends on the legal requirements and the conditions under which an operator will be permitted to launch a casino website.



Therefore, after considering everything, do we recommend online casinos in Egypt? Yes, we do. Already, the gambling industry has a significant impact on both entertainment and the economy. Egypt prohibits locals from participating in land-based wagering, but online gambling is a viable alternative.


We have analyzed everything possible to ensure you have a great experience at these new online casinos in 2023. There are alternatives to the online casinos on our recommended list. However, before selecting them, you should consider the essential factors. Stick to the list we’ve provided, however, to avoid getting into difficulty.



We believe we’ve covered everything a player might need to know about the Egyptian wagering market, but we’ve also answered some of the most frequently asked questions online.


Are online casinos authorized in Egypt?


Egypt does not allow online casinos to operate legally. Nonetheless, players may play at any online casino that admits Egyptians. There is no possibility of breaking the law by engaging in such conduct.


Which online casino is the finest in Egypt?


The finest online casinos in Egypt are detailed in our recommendations. However, if you desire a casino, we recommend PlayLuck for its exceptional promotions and incentives.


Which online casinos in Egypt offer the highest payouts?


Payout alternatives differ between operators. However, we recommend RoyalVegas casino because its payout period is superior to the competition.






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