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Overview of Slot Machines in Space War 2

The word “PowerPoint” is probably not something you want to see in a game title if you are an office worker, or anybody else for that matter. One may see a team meeting beginning with an icebreaker, moving swiftly through a presentation, and then being postponed because no conclusions were reached. The good news is that the slot machine in question is a Space Wars 2 Powerpoints (with an’s’) video game developed by NetEnt. When Evolution Gaming first unveiled the title in February, it elicited a few chuckles because, well, it sounded like it was dubbed by a bunch of guys in suits.

Although it took some time, the development team has reunited its cast of adorable aliens in a game that is far different from the one they originally created. Even though NetEnt’s other slot machines are just as popular as their mega-hit Starburst, the company was an early innovator in the field of space-themed slot machines. Space Wars, another intergalactic slot machine from NetEnt, was introduced back in the day. It was an easy-to-understand slot machine with humorous characters, smooth animations, and a basic re-spin option. Leave that alone. Instead of the traditional reels, rows, and paylines seen in the original Space Wars Powerpoint, the sequel utilizes a 6×6 cluster paying slot that offers a veritable feast of bonuses.

Space Wars 2’s visuals don’t match the revolutionary nature of the game’s new features. Rather than being a knock on Powerpoints, this is a compliment to the superior visuals of the original slot. Like previously, the player is sent to a distant planet or region of space populated by friendly aliens. In order to activate bonus features and earn Powerpoints toward free games, players must line up identical symbols.

NetEnt has increased the volatility to “high” for this space adventure, while decreasing the RTP to 96.05% as the maximum default value (regardless of whether or not free spins are purchased). Bets range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin, and players may launch from any device. The potential is far higher than it was before, and the path to getting there is much more diverse.

When three or more of the same symbols line up horizontally or vertically, you win. There are green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple rocks at the bottom of the paytable, green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple aliens in the middle, and a high-paying crystal at the top. When a winning combination is made, the corresponding symbols are removed from the grid and replaced with others, which might then cascade down and create other winning combinations. Let’s check out the many outcomes that are conceivable, based on the magnitude of the winning combination.

Features of the Space War II Slot Machine

It’s a good idea to buckle in, as this part covers a lot of ground: Powerpoints, Column/Row Blasters, Zappers, Bombs, Wilds, Multiplier Wilds, Combos, Free Spins, Bonus Buys, and Free Spins with Wilds.


Powerpoints are scored whenever a winning combo is made. The win multiplier rises as the player’s Powerpoint meter rises through the stages.

Row/Column Cannon

When you get a winning line of 4 symbols across while playing the main game or bonus game, you get a Column Blaster symbol. This clears the row of all icons except wilds and bonus symbols and awards bonus Powerpoints. When a win of 4 symbols in a vertical line occurs, the same thing occurs, only that the symbols that are relevant to that win are removed from the reel in question.


A Zapper tile is unlocked when you win the main game with 5 or 6 symbols. When activated by a 5-symbol match, zappers eliminate 1–4 sorts of symbols, and when activated by a 6-symbol match, they eradicate 3–4 types of symbols. If you get a match of 5, 6, 7, or 8 symbols during free spins, you’ll receive a Zapper.


When a victory consists of matching symbols in both the vertical and horizontal directions, a special Bomb symbol is added to the grid. After a victory is paid out, the bomb will explode, taking out itself and any adjacent symbols, and boosting your Powerpoint total. When the Bomb goes off on a Multiplier Wild, the resulting increase in Powerpoints is exponential.

An Increased Wild Multiplier

In the event of a 3 symbol match in either the main game or the bonus game, a wild symbol will substitute for one of the missing symbols. These additional wilds may have a multiplier of 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 25 during free spins. The amount of Powerpoints gained from a victory that includes Multiplier Wilds is increased by the multiplier’s factor.


When two or more Column/Row Blasters, Zappers, or Bombs are in close proximity to one another during gameplay, their destructive potential is amplified.

Landing a Bomb adjacent to a Blaster activates the first combo. In the event of a Column Blaster, the top three reels will be cleared of all symbols (excluding wilds and bonus symbols). If it’s a Row Blaster, three rows of symbols (but not wilds or bonus symbols) will be wiped off.

When a Bomb is placed adjacent to a Zapper, the second combo is activated. When this occurs, anything from one to three different kinds of symbols transform into Bombs, and the Zapper itself explodes.

If you place a Zapper next to a Blaster, you’ll activate Combo 3. This combo causes any combination of 1-3 symbols to be converted into Blaster symbols in the next column or row.

No Risk Turns

If you manage to rack up at least 1,000 Powerpoints, you’ll unlock a number of free spins according to your point total. The grid increases to 8 rows high during free spins, and more spins can be won during this bonus round.

Purchase Option

Players in regions where this is possible can skip the waiting period by paying 75x, 140x, or 250x the stake for access to 8, 12, or 16 extra spins, respectively.

Powerpoint Space Wars 2: The Final Say on the Slot

If you’ve played the original Space Wars slot, you’ll see right away that this is a whole new beast. Since several years have elapsed since the first installment, NetEnt has had ample opportunity to make significant improvements to the sequel. Space Wars 2’s success is such that few would have blinked an eye if NetEnt had rebranded it or even started a new series with a different name. The slot that just rolled off the production line is really solid, mixing a lovable bunch of aliens with several intriguing additions, so there’s little need to complain.

It’s not just fascinating, but it becomes much better when you line up the proper symbols next to each other. What we’re referring about, of course, is the ingenious concept of Combos. The effects itself may not be very novel on their own. They may primarily include the removal of symbols or the addition of wilds or multipliers. A creative slot that should give more than enough to interest curious grid slot aficionados, when all the little details are taken into account, such varying winning combination sizes triggering different bonus symbols and Space Wars 2. Space Wars 2’s earning potential of 10,020 times the stake greatly surpasses slots it is competing with, such as Reactoonz or Reactoonz 2.

After a period of relative silence, NetEnt returned with Space Wars 2, a slot game that served as a welcome reminder of both the studio’s prodigious creative potential and the length of time it has been producing engaging and fun to play slots. Players searching for a high-performance grid slot that is completely fitted out with amenities should be delighted with Space Wars 2, while it doesn’t quite achieve the status of an epoch changing event.






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